Boiling Lake

On your ascent to this spectacular phenomenon of nature pass five different zones of tropical rainforest, enjoy breathtaking views of the southern part of the island, experience why the Valley of Desolation is named so and finally reach the biggest boiling lake on earth.

See and hear the bubbling and gargling of the hot sulphur water continuously splashingout at an elevation of approx.4`000 ft/1`220 m above sealevel, originating from the hidden inner-spaces of earth. On the way back have a relaxing bath in one of the natural jacussis (will help to avoid musclecramps!). At the end have a very refreshing swim into Titou Gorge and to conclude the trip a natural warm water shower.

Day trip, strenuous hike, 5-6 hours walk, good hikers only!
Price $50.EC per person, minimum charge $100.EC