Diving in Dominica

The white sandy beaches under the palm trees in the Caribbean are a popular spot for tourists. However, some just stop there and don't delve deeper to discover the wide range of amazing diving sites across the Caribbean. The area has a well-developed diving culture that attracts millions of people from all over the world. The diving sites boast of lush marine life and beauty that awaits your exploration.
Whether you are inclined towards reef diving, shipwreck diving, cenotes or wall dives, there is an excellent diving site for you in the Caribbean. The warm tropical waters enhance the diving experience and through the guidance of your scuba guide, you will be able to explore sites that have been on the bucket list of great divers such as such as the Blue Hole, Half Mon Caye Wall, the Sand Chutes, the Gladden Spit and the Silk Cayes.

Diving in Dominica

While not as popular as other diving sites in the Caribbean, Dominica is famous for its range of aquatic activities that include snorkelling, whale watching and scuba diving. The diving sites present an opportunity to explore the extensive network of colourful coral reefs, under water volcanic vents and plunging see walls. If you have an inclination towards marine life then you may come across sea horses, turtles, batfish, gurnards, frogfish, sperm whales, electric rays urchins and even sea snakes during your dive. You may also swim through the natural Jacuzzi known as the Champagne Reef that developed as a result of the geothermal vents and activities in the area.

The environment

Taking care of the environment is a necessity in the Caribbean for a variety of reasons. First, the aesthetic value of the beaches and the surrounding landscape is important in attracting and retaining tourists since the area is considered a nature tourist area of interest. Secondly, preserving the environment provides a conducive habitat for marine life to prosper. Third, no one wants to dive in dirty and smelly water. While the community and the government engages in various initiates to preserve the environment, all visitors are expected to be responsible and avoid engaging in activities that may harm marine life or the environment.
Transport to the diving sitesThe selected dive resort will transport you to offshore diving sites using either electric or battery powered boats. These boats have to comply with the laws and regulations put in place as well as the eco-tourism policy to prevent environmental pollution that could harm marine life. At the end of their useful life, these batteries are delivered to different battery recycling organisations where they are recycled for environmental reasons. More information on battery recycling

Whether you are looking for a quiet time on a sandy beach with your family or want to explore different types of marine life, the Caribbean is the place to be. In addition to their beautiful beaches and marine life, the people in this community are friendly and welcoming, have an intriguing culture that you could explore and learn from and have a wide range of cultural events that you could also attend.